Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant

Don’t think about a pink elephant. I want you to picture something in your mind, but it cannot be a pink elephant. Do you understand? I don’t want you visualizing a pink elephant. Think of anything except a pink elephant.

So what just happened? Most of you were picturing a pink elephant. A lot of folks do this with their finances, and they don’t even realize it. They think about what they cannot do or what they cannot afford (thinking negatively) and don’t think about what they can do or can afford (thinking positively). Because they keep thinking can’t, can’t, can’t, they start feeling defeated.

I’ve seen the same thing occur with job performance reviews. Ninety percent of your work was excellent, but the majority of the discussion is on how you can improve the remaining 10%. No one excels in every area. You are not going to be great at some things. It make more sense to focus your energy on what you are good at and either delegate or not worry about the other 10%.

If you only focus on what you need to improve, you will only be focusing on 10% of your work, neglecting the 90% that you can do an excellent job with. Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Put the majority of your effort into the 90%, and don’t allow the 10% to overshadow your success.

Apply prioritization management to what you focus on at work. Think positively rather than negatively.

Keep thinking can, can, can!

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Special note: I highly recommend you read the book “Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham.

Bryan Cooper
Financial Life Coach
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