Guest Blogger Friday

Guest Blogger Friday – Brianna Cooper

Just Let It Go

While growing up, all children make mistakes. They tumble off of their bikes, rush into the house sobbing, and track mud across mom’s new carpet. They accidentally slam a sibling’s fingers in the car door, and they send the china cabinet crashing to the floor.

While some childhood mistakes are more damaging than others, all affect the child in a similar way. When he faces one of these experiences, he has two basic choices; stay in the past, never recovering from what has happened or move on, learning from what has occurred.

As an adult, you are faced with a similar question. What will you do about your financial past? Will you allow your hurts and failures to consume and cripple you? Or will you learn to leave the past behind you so you can move on in your life? Remaining trapped in pain and failure accomplishes nothing; you must learn to let go of the past if you are to succeed in your finances.

This does not mean that you will completely forget what has happened. Rather, it means that you will accept what has happened, declaring it done and over. It can no longer control you. Instead of being in bondage to it, you are free to chase your dreams and goals.

You cannot improve your financial future without first accepting the past.

Brianna Cooper
Frugal College Student
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