Toxic People

Toxic People

You know them. You see them on TV. You may even work with them. They are called toxic people, and they drain the joy out of everything. Without fail, they are able to pinpoint the negatives in everything, and they always fail to notice the positives. If they do happen to stumble upon something good, they make every effort to twist it into something negative.

This negativity extends into the areas of finances and life balance. They’re always telling you why you can’t get out of debt. They say that you have to have a car payment and that no one can ever pay a mortgage off. You will never master time management, prioritization management, and goal setting. You will never set up an emergency fund or live debt free. Financial peace and freedom are out of reach. They tell you that the glass is half empty, and it’s ugly.

They are wrong, so don’t listen to them. Take steps today to avoid this negativity. Exposure to this toxic attitude can undermined your ability to get out of debt and into the life you want. Stop listening to them, and don’t believe their lies. You can get out of debt. You don’t have to have a car payment, and you can pay your mortgage off!

Instead of listening to toxic people, look for positive people who can encourage you as you pursue your goals and strive to live debt free. Listen to people who encourage you. They will help you as you attain your goals, and they will be there to celebrate your victories with you.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper
Financial Life Coach
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