Compounding Personal Improvement

Compounding Personal Improvement
If we get a 1.25% annual return at the bank on our savings account, we say, “Yahoo!” What about the return we get when we invest in ourselves? If we focus on a 1% per week improvement in ourselves, we have an annual return of 52%.

Remember the magic of compound interest? When we improve ourselves, the magic of compounding shows up here too, and it is in our favor. The 52% becomes even higher than that. Who can’t find a 1% improvement each week? Do you watch TV? Instead of watching the commercials, find something to work on during that time, and you will be on your way to improvement.

Speaking of TV, consider reducing or eliminating it. What could you accomplish in all the time you would save? Do you commute to work? Rather than listening to the morning show talking about what celebrity is in legal trouble or what someone wore (or didn’t wear) the night before, put in an educational CD or MP3 download to attend what Zig Ziglar calls Automobile University. Now that’s a great way to improve your time management! You can add hours of learning to your life without an additional time commitment since you’re replacing rather than adding an activity.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper
Financial Life Coach
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