Guest Blogger Friday – Brianna Cooper – Raising the Bar- When Needed

You have financial goals, and you plan to reach them. By now, you realize that you can’t expect new and better results from doing what you’ve always done. You need to change. A part of this change involves raising your standards. You will need to work and save harder. You will need to be more disciplined in your budgeting. You may need to delay purchasing some things.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you will get what everyone else is getting. In order to achieve extraordinary results, you must live differently than everyone else. When most people think of extraordinary results, they believe that they must reach perfection in all they pursue. While seemingly logical, this is entirely incorrect. Your new standards must involve understanding what should and should not be pursued. According to the 80/20 rule, twenty percent of your efforts result in eighty percent of your results. This concept applies in finances as well as in other areas of life. Discover the twenty percent. Pursue it, and do it well. Don’t waste time on the other eighty percent until the twenty percent has been completed. Learn to prioritize your work by what generates the results. Would working on your food budget save you several hundred dollars per month while the pet budget could only save you around ten dollars? Work on the food budget first. Focus on what will lead to the greatest results. You can return to the smaller tasks later once the more important ones are completed.

Also learn about perfectionism. Despite the beliefs of many, perfectionism can be crippling, causing you to pursue perfection when excellent is sufficient. Don’t try to be perfect in all you do. Instead, learn what is needed, and strive for that quality of work. Once you have learned how to prioritize your work and efforts, you will be better prepared to attain your financial goals.

Brianna Cooper

Frugal College Student

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