Guest Blogger Friday – Brianna Cooper – Don’t Be a Victim

We have all met them, the people who are not to blame for anything in their own lives. They didn’t see the red light because little Jonny was crying. They were fired because of a jealous coworker. It’s always someone else’s fault. They are not responsible for anything.

Flee from this attitude. It is crippling, especially in regard to reaching financial goals. Understand that you, not your parents, friends, boss, or dog, are likely responsible for your current financial situation. While other people affect your actions, you are the one who ultimately makes those decisions. You are the only one who is responsible for your finances. The successes and failures are yours.

Once you realize this fact, you are ready to improve your financial situation. Since you are responsible for it, you are also in charge of it. You can change it. No one else has this opportunity. You have the power and the opportunity to better your situation. Don’t waste it through blaming others. Take control of your life, make the necessary changes, and reach your financial goals!

Brianna Cooper

Frugal College Student

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