Schedule a Buffer

Don’t schedule every minute of every day. Make sure you build a buffer into your schedule. If you work an eight-hour work day, schedule six and a half hours of it.  Interruptions and the unexpected will happen, so you need to plan for them by allowing time in your schedule to deal with unplanned events. If you book yourself for the entire eight-hour period, you will be immediately frustrated when something unplanned or unscheduled happens. Or you may miss out on a great opportunity because you didn’t have any flexibility in your schedule. If by chance you aren’t interrupted during the day . . . you can start on the next day’s highest priorities. Either way, you win.

Ironically, my electricity went out as I was writing this article. Did I consider this unexpected event a major setback? No, though I did miss the electricity since it was needed to run the furnace (I am writing this in the winter). I had some other things that I could work on, so the loss of power did not cause a major time management crisis. Since I had created a flexible schedule, I was able to continue my work despite the changes around me.


You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper

Financial Life Coach

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