Schedule Time for Tasks – Schedule it as a Meeting

Set aside blocks of time for accomplishing tasks. What you have to do is important, so treat it like it is important by actually scheduling your tasks in time slots on your calendar. Scheduling time for important tasks is a crucial aspect of both time management and prioritization management. If you fail to determine when you will work on something, chances are that you will not work on it in the near future. You must place it on your schedule.

When you are working on a task during its scheduled time, don’t allow distractions to overshadow your work. Don’t give in to answering the phone, checking email, or allowing unscheduled visitors during this time. This time is for your projects and your tasks. Treat it like a meeting between you and your work. When you first start following this process, you will be tempted to not treat this time as you would any other meeting, but you must. It is important that you show respect for yourself and what you do by honoring the time you set aside to work on your tasks. Don’t allow distractions to stop you from accomplishing your work and your goals. Keep first things first.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper

Financial Life Coach

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