Schedule Less Time

If you are a surgeon, please ignore the following advice. In our schedules, we often overestimate how much time we really need to complete something, and our work also tends to expand to fill whatever amount of time we schedule for it. Instead of spending too much time on projects, challenge yourself to complete them faster than expected. For example, when you need sixty minutes for a project, give yourself less time. Use a timer to hold yourself accountable. Set it for forty-five to fifty minutes, and make a game of working against the clock, challenging yourself to complete the task in the shorter time frame. This will keep you focused because you will be aware that you must push yourself to reach this goal. Another option is pacing yourself against music. I often use one of my favorite albums, which is forty-three minutes long. It has eight songs, so I always know about how much time has passed without looking at a clock.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper

Financial Life Coach

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2 responses to “Schedule Less Time

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  2. Great tip! I’m going to try this with my lab reports.

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