This Labor Day weekend, “work” on the family life balance.

It is important to work hard but you still need that balance. Don’t spend all weekend working or worrying. Take time to enjoy those around you, doing things all of the things you love to do. This weekend, you should “work” on the family life balance.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper – Financial Life Coach

My Financial Life Coach, LLC is a provider of financial & life balance education, web-based training, coaching, and seminars to individuals, businesses, and non-profits.



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2 responses to “This Labor Day weekend, “work” on the family life balance.

  1. I wrote this more to hold myself accountable. I’m sure someone this weekend will remind me of this post and I’ll eat crow. Have a happy and safe holiday Karen.

  2. Great post! We can work hard on our finances, but if we don’t slow down to enjoy the blessings around us every day, we miss out!

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