11/14 – Money Management Monday

Don’t stop through drive-thru for your morning java, make it at home. Only spending $1 a day for that coffee? A buck a day equates to over $36,000 in 30 years if you save and invest. Are you buying the good stuff ($2.50 a cup)? $91,610. Take 5 minutes and make your coffee; the only thing you have to lose is $91,610.

Here is an article about Christmas shopping I read this morning that I wanted to share; but I want to make a couple of points first.

1. Be sure you stick to your Christmas budget.
2. Shop from a list to help you stick to your budget. Remember, it is YOUR household budget.
3. Don’t bring out the credit cards so you can “afford” Christmas. Do you really want to be thinking about Christmas 2011 in November 2012 as you continue making the credit card payment?
4. Evaluate what you are buying. Do they REALLY need what it is you are buying them?

New Money-Saving Holiday Strategies by KELLI B. GRANT




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2 responses to “11/14 – Money Management Monday

  1. We definitely make our own coffee in our household! Your math makes me NEVER want to go to Starbucks again, though! Wow. $36,000! Found your blog via “tag-surfer”

  2. Funny but true, my husband the physician packs his lunch each day. Many of the staff eat out at $5-7 per lunch. They wonder why they can’t get ahead. He wonders why they’d ever spend that much on a sandwich!

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