Are You Up to the Challenge?

Here is a post I put on my personal Facebook page last week. I decided to post it here as well. Are you up to the challenge?

I’ve heard some disturbing news over the past month or so. Due to dwindling offerings/donations at churches and non-profits, a minister in another state has been laid off, non-profit ministries have many unmet needs, and churches are cutting salaries to meet budgets.

Bottom-line: Ministering to the needs of others is taking a hit. The laid off minister is now spending his time looking for a job instead of ministering to the needs of others. Non-profits are turning away folks (sometimes children) with real needs because they don’t have the funds. Church staff members taking pay reductions are losing some of their ministry focus as they scramble to make ends meet within their own personal budgets.

Are you ready to answer the call? Are you willing to step up and meet this gap? I’m challenging you to consider doing the following four things.

Challenge #1 – Do one act of service each month for the next 12 months. Find a person in your community that has an unmet need. Help an elderly neighbor who needs help around the house. Help the single parent by giving them a night out, help them with a project, or invite them to share a meal with you. You get the idea.

Challenge #2 – Help fund some of the shortage by giving an additional $40 per month to a mission/ministry. Where will the $40 come from? A family of four can eat out one less time per month ($32 savings) and eliminate beverages ($8) when eating out for a total savings of $40. By the way, for $30 a month you can support a child in Haiti at Life-Line Christian Mission. Just a thought.

Challenge #3. I currently have 450 friends of Facebook. If 250 of you will accept my challenge, it will mean that you will be helping folks 3,000 times in a 12 month period. It also means you will be donating $120,000 to missions/ministry over that same time period.

Challenge #4. Will you humor me for one more challenge? I challenge the 250 friends mentioned above to challenge 9 of their friends to do the same. If they join you in this challenge, it will mean that folks will be helped 30,000 times and 1.2 million will be donated to missions/ministry.

Wow! What are you waiting for? Challenge your friends to join you in making a difference in the lives of a lot of folks in your community.


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