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5 Things You Must Do Before the New Year

5 Things You Must Do Before the New Year

Here is a great post from Jonathan over at Jonathan has some great easy to use ideas to simply (and improve) your life.

I do all of these suggestions every six months except for the “Reflect on the 10 most memorable moments.” What a great idea. I’m implementing it immediately.

Bryan Cooper

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Ae You a Ms. Later?

Are you a Ms. Later?

Great post from Sara at Single Mom’s Ask Sara about procrastination.

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Black Friday was an Interesting Day

I received two inquires on Black Friday which is unusual since I don’t typically receive emails on holidays. On holidays folks are thinking about relaxing, being with family, or going shopping. Wait…maybe the shopping was the trigger.

Both of these folks in their email told me about how they needed help and they needed it now. One of these folks did a debt consolidation a year earlier and now they had a negative cash-flow. The other person told me they got into debt management program and they too now had a cash flow issue. Both of them wanted help and they wanted help now.

Did you catch that? They wanted help now, immediate, a quick fix. Guess what? Quick fixes don’t work. Changing the behaviors that got you to this mess is what will work.

So today I’m reposting a blog from September called “I see it Everyday.”

I See it Everyday

A couple runs up thousands of dollars in credit card debt and can no longer make the payments. In an effort to solve the problem, they take that debt and roll it into their mortgage. They tell themselves that they are saving money . . . and sometimes they actually believe it. They take loans that they owed another 8 or 10 years on, rolling them into a new 30-year loan. They take the house that they owed 22, 23, or 24 years on, and now they owe on it for 30 years. Now they are paying an extra 6 or more years on their house!

Nothing Changed…Except Losing the House

The problem with this situation is that they never corrected the behavior that got them into the problem to begin with, so in a year or two they will run up thousands of dollars on credit cards again. This time they can’t roll it into their mortgage, and eventually they lose their home because they run up the debt to the point that they can no longer make their house payment.

Take Control

If this situation sounds like you, please take my advice. Stop the madness. Get out there and learn about personal finances. Read a book, take a class, or find someone with the experience who can help you.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper – Financial Life Coach

My Financial Life Coach, LLC

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Tuesday Time Tips


Misunderstandings result in wasted time and frustration, so avoid them. When communicating something to others, be clear and specific. When listening, don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Most crises are preventable. Plan and work in advance so that manageable projects do not evolve in crises.


Never rely only on your memory. Write the information down and store it in an organized fashion.

Consider This:

On occasion, take a few minutes to evaluate your efficiency. Is your current method of time management working? If not, consider altering or replacing it.


Organize the files on your computer. Be sure that you can easily find things.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper

Financial Life Coach

Dave Ramsey Certified

2280 W William St., Suite A

Delaware, OH 43015

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Time Tip Thursday

Home: When purchasing something which may be out of stock, call the store before leaving home to see if they have it.

Work: When scheduling, use a single calendar to ensure that business and family events do not conflict.

Work: When you are at work, be sure to work. Being more efficient while in the office will increase your productivity, enabling you to focus on other things when you are not at work, such as building relationships with your family and friends.

What are some of your favorite tips? Let’s hear about them. Post your comments here or on my Facebook page.

Just a reminder, between now and December 25, I’m donating $2 to Lifeline Christian Mission for every new “Like” on the My Financial Life Coach Facebook page.


Bryan Cooper

Financial Life Coach

Dave Ramsey Certified

2280 W William St., Suite A

Delaware, OH  43015 is a provider of financial education, coaching, web-based training, and seminars for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

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