Three attitudes that really mess with your financial wellness

Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is everything in the game of personal finance. About 60% of the folks I meet with have the right attitude, the attitude that they can take action and correct their situation, no matter who caused it. For this post I want to talk t0 the other 40%.

1.   The government or my employer will take care of me.

It isn’t wise to allow others who have little or no vested interest in your well-being to have control over your future. I’m not making a political statement here. It is in your best interest to take an active role in your finances, your education, your employment, your health, and your retirement.  Being passive or not taking responsibility in these areas could result in a non-positive outcome. You need to take action and own the responsibility.

2.   I’ll do something about my situation tomorrow.

You need to DO IT TODAY! Stop procrastinating. Take action. The two main reasons I see procrastination with finances is a) lack of knowledge, or 2) the fear of failure so no action is taken, which results in failure anyway.

3.   I don’t need a written plan for my financial goals.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “What is measured gets managed.”  It is also true with budgets. Writing it down:  a) it keeps it in front of you b) it improves the communication because it is documented, and c) it makes it real because you can read it and touch.

Remember, YOU have a choice, and the choice is YOURS.

Ten years or twenty years from now, will you be saying “I wish I had gotten my finances in order”, or will you be saying, “I’m REALLY glad I DID get my finances in order!”    – Bryan Cooper

Bryan Cooper

My Financial Life Coach, LLC

Delaware, Ohio

Thank you for reading the My Financial Life Coach blog where we talk about life, food, family, life events, spending, and economic news. We do make every attempt to avoid the topic of politics but we will bring up economic policies that need communicated.



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7 responses to “Three attitudes that really mess with your financial wellness

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  4. You’re right — so many people think the government will take care of us when we retire. If social security is around in 30 or 40 years, great, but I’m not banking on it. We should be doing everything we can to set money aside in a 401(k) or Roth account and let it grow over the decades. This is the best way to financial security.

    • I’m not banking on SS either. I heard a number this week that there are currently 3.5 people paying in for every person receiving benefits. It just won’t work. Folks have put their hard earned money into a program that was setup to fail.

      • On the other hand though, if we were to receive the 4.2% of our salaries we currently pay for SS back into our pockets, would most of us use it to fund an IRA? Probably not.

        Most of us would probably benefit from some sort of forced savings, although I’m not sure what the best way to accomplish that would be.

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