5 Reasons Your Goals May Have Failed in the Past

In my last blog article we discussed the need to re-evaluate your goals. Now I want you to look at why your goals may have failed in the past:

1. You didn’t have any goals or they were not written down.

If it isn’t written down, don’t plan on them happening.

2. You lacked POSITIVE SELF-TALK and/or you had a negative opinion of yourself.

If you keep telling yourself you can’t do something, it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Will you hit every goal on time? Probably not but you have a greater chance of hitting goals if you keep trying, so stop the negative talk to yourself.

3. Your attitude toward failure.

Failure is an event, not a person. Don’t be afraid to fail or make a mistake. The person who has not failed has never really tried. It is the law of numbers. The more things you try to do for the first time the greater the chance is that you will fail. Expect it, learn from it.

Did you fall down the first time you tried to walk? I’ll bet you fell down a number of times. So how did you learn to walk? You kept trying. You got up again and again until you were walking. The same thing goes for following through with your goals.

4. You stopped trying.

5. You did not ask for directions.

No one knows everything. Sometimes we just need to find someone who can assist us with what we are not familiar with.


It is so important for your goals to be written down. It is so easy to forget about them when they are out of sight, out of mind. You want them where you can see them on a regular basis. Believe that you can obtain those goals, attitude is key!

If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, your right…you won’t be able to do it.  Stop listening to all of those negative influences around you. Turning off the TV is a great start..do you really need to hear all of the negative news?  Plug away on your goals. When you hit a wall, read a book on the topic or find someone who knows. You really can do this, believe in yourself and start working toward your goals.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper – www.MyFinancialLifeCoach.net

Thank you for reading the My Financial Life Coach blog where we talk about money, goals, family, life events, spending, and economic news. We do make every attempt to avoid the topic of politics but we will bring up economic policies that need communicated. Looking for motivation multiple times per day? Check out the My Financial Life Coach Facebook page.



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