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Time Tip Thursday

Home: When purchasing something which may be out of stock, call the store before leaving home to see if they have it.

Work: When scheduling, use a single calendar to ensure that business and family events do not conflict.

Work: When you are at work, be sure to work. Being more efficient while in the office will increase your productivity, enabling you to focus on other things when you are not at work, such as building relationships with your family and friends.

What are some of your favorite tips? Let’s hear about them. Post your comments here or on my Facebook page.

Just a reminder, between now and December 25, I’m donating $2 to Lifeline Christian Mission for every new “Like” on the My Financial Life Coach Facebook page.


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The Gift That is Sure to Please!

I think I have seen this comment on about every Christmas ad. It’s on TV, its in print. Everyone telling you that they have just that special gift. The advertisements are selling the gifts of jewelry, clothing, entertainment, or even exercise.

There is nothing wrong with these gifts and there is nothing wrong with gift giving. But I do have to ask a couple of questions…

Do you REALLY need to upgrade from the 42″ TV to the 60″ plus TV?

Does your Dad really need another tie to add to his collection of 70 ties?

This year I want to challenge you to include a gift to charity.


$15 will but a food basket for Haiti. Does Dad really need that tie?

$120 will buy a desk for 3 Haitian students. Does Mom need that 18th necklace?

$4,000 will buy a home for a Haitian family. Can you and 19 friends come up with $200? Can you imagine the joy you can bring to a family who doesn’t have a home for their family?

Interested? Below are two ideas for you to help those in Haiti.

#1. Check out a number of great gift giving opportunities at Lifeline Christian Mission. This is a great organization. We have sponsored children for years and my teenagers have traveled to Haiti on mission trips. An excellent and well run mission!

#2. From now until December 25, I will donate $2 to Lifeline for every new “Like” on the “My Financial Life Coach” Facebook page (18 and older please). I’m currently at 157 likes so I need your help…tell your friends and have them stop over and like this page. Be sure to “Like” the page, not just the posting.

100 NEW LIKES EQUALS $200. PLEASE help me make this happen!!

As I always say, YOU have a choice, and the Choice is YOURS.


Bryan Cooper

Financial Life Coach

Dave Ramsey Certified

2280 W William St., Suite A

Delaware, OH  43015

(740) 815-3243


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