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Black Friday was an Interesting Day

I received two inquires on Black Friday which is unusual since I don’t typically receive emails on holidays. On holidays folks are thinking about relaxing, being with family, or going shopping. Wait…maybe the shopping was the trigger.

Both of these folks in their email told me about how they needed help and they needed it now. One of these folks did a debt consolidation a year earlier and now they had a negative cash-flow. The other person told me they got into debt management program and they too now had a cash flow issue. Both of them wanted help and they wanted help now.

Did you catch that? They wanted help now, immediate, a quick fix. Guess what? Quick fixes don’t work. Changing the behaviors that got you to this mess is what will work.

So today I’m reposting a blog from September called “I see it Everyday.”

I See it Everyday

A couple runs up thousands of dollars in credit card debt and can no longer make the payments. In an effort to solve the problem, they take that debt and roll it into their mortgage. They tell themselves that they are saving money . . . and sometimes they actually believe it. They take loans that they owed another 8 or 10 years on, rolling them into a new 30-year loan. They take the house that they owed 22, 23, or 24 years on, and now they owe on it for 30 years. Now they are paying an extra 6 or more years on their house!

Nothing Changed…Except Losing the House

The problem with this situation is that they never corrected the behavior that got them into the problem to begin with, so in a year or two they will run up thousands of dollars on credit cards again. This time they can’t roll it into their mortgage, and eventually they lose their home because they run up the debt to the point that they can no longer make their house payment.

Take Control

If this situation sounds like you, please take my advice. Stop the madness. Get out there and learn about personal finances. Read a book, take a class, or find someone with the experience who can help you.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper – Financial Life Coach

My Financial Life Coach, LLC

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Identity Theft

People often talk about identity theft, the kind where someone else steals your identity. We’ve all seen commercials where an identity thief steals someone’s credit card number to gain rights and privileges that belong to another person. Identity theft is becoming a major problem in our society.

While people often talk about that type of identity theft, it isn’t the only kind. Today, I want to talk about the other kind- the one no one talks about. This type of identity theft occurs when either your actions or your lack of actions steals your true identity. Because of how you’re living, you are unable to follow your goals, values, and dreams. They have been stolen from you through your own actions.

For example, being overloaded with debt steals your identity. The stress it creates prevents you from being the real you. Because you’re using most of your resources to repay your debt, you are prevented from doing what is most important to you. You are trapped by your debt, forced to live within its

Since this type of identity theft is created by you, you have the power to free yourself. Regain your identity. Learn how to make changes your life and your household budget by reading a book, taking a class, or finding someone who can help you.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper
My Financial Life Coach LLC
Financial Life Coach
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Perfect or Great?

I wonder how many books on procrastination have had to be written because of one line in the book Good to Great… “good is the enemy of great.”

I believe in doing things well but sometimes we confuse the word great with the word perfection. Many things require things to be done great or well, but not perfect. If you are a surgeon, I want perfection. If you are my mechanic, great or well is sufficient. I want the parts installed correctly and I want the bolts torque to specification, but I don’t care if the slot in the screws all line up so they are visually pleasing. If you own a $100,000 collector car, you want things done to perfection, not done great or well.

When we feel we have to do things perfect, it slows us down. We take more time to make sure it is perfect. We may be so concerned about making it perfect that we keep finding reasons why we don’t start working on it. So, when you are feeling that something has to be perfect, re-evaluate. Does it need to be perfect, or is great or well sufficient?

Another thing to remember is if we working on something with total perfection, and there is no need for it to be perfect, we are being inefficient. Being inefficient means that something else is either not getting done, or you are working more hours than is truly required of you.

So if you are perfectionist, I want you to evaluate why you are a perfectionist. Is it because what you do requires it, or because you have made that self-imposed demand on yourself? How does your perfectionism impacting your life balance? How does it impact your budget? Yes, I said budget. Perfectionists usually have a hard time doing a household budget because the fear of not doing it perfect prevents them from starting!

So stop being perfect and start being great. Go make something great happen this week.

You have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper

My Financial Life Coach, LLC

Delaware, Ohio  43015

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