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If you can’t leave the freshly baked cookies alone, stay out of the kitchen

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The kitchen

You’ve heard the saying “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of kitchen.” In my case it should be “If you can’t leave the freshly baked cookies alone, stay out of the kitchen.”

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or my blog, you know that I’m on a mission to shed 20 lbs in 56 days. Today is day 29 or 56. This weekend I made some progress and I fell off the wagon at the same time. My progress was that I ran over a mile this weekend. That is a really big milestone for me.

The cookies

The bad this weekend? …my wife’s home-made cookies. I’m very disciplined except for about five food items and her cookies are one of those items. When she bakes I try to be very helpful…I am a self-appointed cookie tester and it is my duty to test EVERY batch, without my wife catching me of course. (Full disclosure-I may have had two cookies for every batch but let’s keep that between us).  Then I justified having a soda because I was off my diet anyway. Because of this lack of discipline (and logic) I get to work on lb #12 again.

Not following my own advice

I advise my clients that if they have an issue spending money on things not in the budget that they should avoid the stores so they do not have this temptation. Had I followed my own advice this weekend I would have stayed out of the kitchen and I would be working on lb #13 instead of a do over with lb #12. So the lesson is stick with your budget (or diet), if you don’t, you will be extending how long you are paying on debt (or extending how long until you hit your ideal weight goal).

Knowledge or Behavior?

One more point, it isn’t always about knowledge, sometimes it is about behavior. I know that cookies and soda are counterproductive to my weight goal but I did it anyway. But like learning to ride a bike I’ll get back up and start riding again this week.

What goal are you struggling with this week?

Let’s hear about your goal or your struggle for this week.

Remember, you have a choice, and the choice is yours.

Bryan Cooper – www.MyFinancialLifeCoach.net

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Guest Blogger Friday – Brianna Cooper – Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party WITHOUT Breaking the Bank

Clowns, cakes, streamers, balloons, and pizza. These elements often accompany the laughter of grinning children seated around a table, all proudly sporting bright, cone-shaped hats and staring eagerly at a candle-filled cake. A child’s birthday party is a time of fun and laughter commemorating the joy he or she has brought to the world. It is a time of celebration.

For many parents, however, the celebration becomes stressful. They want to provide the best party money can buy, one to match if not surpass the one little Bobby Jones had last week when his parents rented a circus for their front yard. Rumor has it an elephant was even spotted behind the garage. How can you compete with those Joneses? (Remember, they are in debt to their eyeballs over those extravagant purchases.)

Instead of focusing on the cost of a party, focus on the quality. While people often consider these two words the same, they are quite different. Cost is only a number. It may or may not create an enjoyable birthday party. On the other hand, quality includes things such as creativity, fun, and memories. You can have a fabulous birthday party for your child without destroying your budget. In fact, such a party may even be more fun than a more expensive party. Here are a few ideas for planning a child’s birthday party:

1. LOOK RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE. What about your house? It may be the perfect place for a party! Cook your child’s favorite meal and plan some fun activities. Make crafts out of simple household items, or you can have the kids ice and decorate their own cookies. What about making party hats out of construction paper? If you have a pool, sprinkler, or water guns, what about water games? The possibilities are endless.

2. GO TO THE PARK. A local park may provide the perfect venue, and it’s free! Have a picnic or a barbeque for your meal, and plan some outdoor games! You can use the classics, such as hide-and-seek or tag, or you can discover some new games from the internet or books. You could even have your child create a new game before the party for everyone to play. Since you spent less money on the party, you can also invite more friends! If the children are younger, you may want to invite several of the parents to assist you in supervising them.

3. FREE, LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT. Does your community offer any free entertainment such as arts festivals, concerts, or plays? With a little research, you may discover a free or inexpensive activity near your home that is appropriate and fun kids your child’s age.

4. GO IN FOR A MOVIE. Instead of buying ten movie tickets for $5 each and spending $20 on a few boxes of candy, borrow a movie from the library. Complete the experience with popcorn, candy, and drinks! You could even set up your own concession stand.

Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy planning this special day or your son or daughter. It only comes once a year.

Brianna Cooper

Frugal College Student

Editor @ MyFinancialLifeCoach.net

Visit us at http://www.MyFinancialLifeCoach.net

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